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After breakout 2017, Auburn’s Jeff Holland thinks he’s ‘best pass-rusher in the draft’

Jeff Holland

Auburn’s Jeff Holland, currently ranked No. 12 by Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services among outside linebackers, recently spent time on the “OFN Meeting Room” podcast with Greg DePalma.

Holland was an All-SEC selection last season in his first year as a starter, his 10 sacks finishing one off the conference lead. Excerpts of his “Meeting Room” interview follow; click here to listen to the entire exchange.

Q. At your pro day, you had a short press conference and during a question-and-answer said you were the “best pass-rusher in the draft.” What makes you the best?

A. My motor, my energy. And I believe if I get a one-on-one with my tackle, I will beat him nine times out of 10. I really, truly believe that.

Q. As you know, that 3-4 linebacker position, the pass-rush specialist – getting to the quarterback is such an important part of the NFL right now. Just look at what Von Miller did when the Broncos won the Super Bowl. He was the reason the Broncos won that Super Bowl. Knowing that, how does that make you feel as you go into the pro game?

A. I like all that. I love getting to the quarterback. I’m coming into this league knowing I can get to the quarterback. I’ve got areas to improve in and things to learn. I want a lot more, so getting into the league I can have the best teach me some of the stuff they know. I don’t know everything right now. Once I get that down pat, I think I’ll be pretty good.

Q. You also mentioned on pro day how you’re, “a football player. Just watch the film.” If you had just one game film you were most proud of that you would like scouts to see, which game film would that be?

A. You could put on every game, mostly. I think the Georgia game was a great game that I played. And the Arkansas game, and the Alabama game was a big game for me. The pressure I put on Jalen Hurts, he couldn’t get the ball off. So I think that was a good game also.

Q. Your former coach Gus Malzahn talked about how your love and passion for the game was contagious. Where does that love & passion come from?

A. I was always playing football. If it wasn’t the teams (I was playing on), I was in the streets playing. I just love to play football. So I always try to come into the locker room with all the love and passion I have to rub off on guys thinking twice about it. There are guys that think twice about coming to practice. Be happy to be here. Just thank God that you’re blessed to be able to play this great sport. That’s what I always bring.

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