Answering Florida State Football’s biggest off-season questions

Florida State football questions answered

I receive questions daily about FSU football, the answers to which don’t make it into articles. I figured it was time to do my version of a mailbag. Feel free to email me, email hidden; JavaScript is required, or hit me up on social media to see your questions answered.

@mikeWFerguson: “Do any of the new coaches (demeanor, scheme, etc.) remind you of any of the coaches you played for at #FSU?”

Not really.

They all have some common traits, but personality-wise, no. All of FSU’s new coaches do, however, remind me of folks I’ve grown up or played with.

Raymond Woodie, Harlon Barnett and David Kelly remind me of my godfathers and uncles. Just smooth as a high end Cognac and full of wisdom, good conversationalists who can coach you up in life.
Walt Bell reminds me of the QBs you see in movies.

Telly Lockett, Donte’ Pimpleton and Alonzo Hampton remind me of guys who I played with who have the swag and know how to relate to young players. They are good young coaches who I believe can one day be great young head coaches.

Odell Haggins is the same coach I remember at FSU and is perfect as the ambassador for the program. When he’s ready to retire, he needs to be kept around the team in whatever official capacity he wants. Hopefully, that’s no time soon.

Mark Snyder is that energetic coach who seems to have that crazy energy you need while Greg Frey is the offensive version of Odell to me.

Willie Taggart might be the reincarnation of young Bobby Bowden – maybe with more sauce.

@Jroc1738: “Who’s your favorite recruit of the 2019 class? That’s not committed to FSU right now?”

Sean Dollars is by far my new fave RB. I’ve watched his film like five times and find something new to like upon each viewing.

I want this kid.

He reminds me of a better version of Lorenzo Booker. We didn’t know how to use Booker when I was at FSU. I believe Taggart’s system would be perfect for Dollars.

He can run by, through and over defenders. He is also a good route runner.

I use the Billy Sexton (my running backs coach at FSU) approach to grading backs. They’ve got to be able to run, block and catch. Most prep back don’t block well, so that has to be taught, catching is a big separator and vision can be enhanced, but that’s something you have or you don’t have.

Trezman Marshall on defense is my favorite on that side of the ball and he’s an old school linebacker. Boy has a hit stick. FSU hasn’t had a feared hitter in a while.

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