Arsene and Ferguson love-hate relationship

Arsene Wenger

The rivalry between Wenger and Ferguson cannot be forgotten easily and is known worldwide. If one is the Boss of the Manchester United then other is fondly known as The Teacher who revolutionized football in the United Kingdom and transformed the Arsenal club. The long lasting rivalry was finally put to rest and the lid on their relationship was opened when The Teacher, Arsene Wenger in his farewell speech wished a speedy recovery to Sir Alex Ferguson. Being the manager of Arsenal for the last 22 years there is nothing that deterred his spirit and dedication towards Arsenal. Known as the football legend, he has been the torchbearer who made the people of United Kingdom football fanatics. Between if you are an Arsenal fan and want to get cool accessories of the club then use codes from By Discount Codes.

The man of United and The Teacher’s rivalry dates back to their heydays. The decade has witnessed many clashes between them as both the managers were competitive with an eye for silverware. Arsene who always believed in winning with style claims that since the retirement of Alex Ferguson 5 years ago their relationship has become peaceful. Being rivals professionally, now they share fond memories and have mutual respect for each other. Ferguson who was diagnosed with Brain Haemorrhage underwent surgery but before that, he invited Arsene to Old Trafford and gave him a special gift.

On asked about their relationship in past and how it has evolved now? Arsene had to say that over the years and maturity respects takes over fights. The fact that they both are more than just managers of their club may be because of their long lasting association with their respective clubs. The time spent as the managers of such prestigious clubs and for such a long time became a love story which respective managers had with their clubs and hence the professional rivalry between them. In present though, they share an amicable relationship and have mutual respect for each other. They share and cherish their memories and are in contact with each other as now there is no room for managerial clashes. Knowing the condition of Ferguson, Wenger visited to pay his respects and even in his farewell speech was positive about Ferguson’s speedy recovery and wished him well.

On the work front, he says that he got far more job proposals than he anticipated and on the question of whether he will sit in North Bank and cheer for the club with his fans? To which he responds that he will happily sit and cheer with the fans and also chuckles that now he can shout at the next North Bank Manager. At the bitter sweet farewell of Arsene Wenger, he was honoured with the replica of Golden Premier League Trophy 2004 of the Arsenal’s and was given a guard of honour by the players after victory over Burnley. So that was the end of an era for Arsene Wenger and his association with Arsenal club. But his contribution and loyalty towards the club and the sport will always be cherished and held high.

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