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At practice, Jeremy Pruitt ‘dern sure don’t want music out there.’

Jeremy Pruitt

Visit a college football practice – on the rare occasion where the coach hasn’t sealed off access to fans and media with German Sheppard’s, land mines and moats filled with alligators – and you might think you’re at an open-air nightclub. Blaring hip-hop, rock, and country music has become commonplace to keep today’s athlete “hype” and engaged with what’s taking place.

One of the most noticeable differences at Florida State this spring under new head coach Willie Taggart is how “live” the practices are with pop music blasting across the field.

Not on Rocky Top. Not under Jeremy Pruitt’s watch.

Pruitt explained recently why loud music won’t be heard during his practices.

“I don’t think they play music during the football games – or I hadn’t heard it, maybe they do,” Pruitt said.

Pruitt must be one hell of a focused coach if during 10 years on college football sidelines he’s never heard – or noticed – music being played. The way it’s now pumped into stadiums during every break in the game action at ear-shattering levels you’d think the grass is about to be replaced with parquet flooring so the players can “get down.”

Pruitt, additionally, has a more purposeful reason for not “bringing the noise.”

“We already just got 20 hours in a week that we can coach ‘em,” Pruitt said of the NCAA rule limiting the amount of time student-athletes can spend practicing or playing each week, “so I dern sure don’t want music out there where they can’t hear what I’m saying.”

Yes, he said “dern.” Watch the video.

Pruitt’s speech pattern is about as country as it gets here, perhaps not surprising from the Rainesville, AL native.

Jeremy Pruitt: 1. Jay Z: 0.

I wonder what Pruitt thinks of marching bands?

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