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Auburn players will wear 3-D decals this season


Auburn players will be wearing 3-D decals on their thigh pads this season.

The decals are designed by treDCAL (pronounced tred-CAL). treDCALS are patent-pending three-dimensional images that attach to athletic pads, equipment and apparel. Once attached and covered by tight-fitted clothing, a three-dimensional or holographic-like image appears.

A treDCAL has a self-adhesive backing allowing it to adhere to an athletic pad. Because of its three-dimensional makeup, the fabric from tight-fitted pants, socks, shirts, etc., forms to the treDCAL, allowing the image to pop through.

BYU, Michigan State, Clemson and Penn State are among the other college teams using the product.

Thanks to Auburn uniform researcher Clint Richardson, whose tweet drew my attention to treDCAL. Richardson’s website provides a wonderful resource to Auburn fans interested in the history of the Tigers’ athletic uniforms, football and beyond.

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