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Chris Landry has spent a lifetime in football, having served as Coach, Scout and Administrator at the College Football and NFL levels. Currently, Chris operates his own Coaching and Scouting Consulting business serving both NFL organizations and College Football programs in the areas of pro and college personnel, recruiting, advance scouting as well as coaching assessment, development and searches. Prior to venturing out on his own, he served as both a Pro and College Scout for the Houston Oilers and Tennessee Titans while also serving as the Coordinator of their Scouting department. Landry was selected to serve as the Coordinator of the NFL Scouting Combine in 1993 where he oversaw the selection and operation process of the top draft prospects. Chris began his NFL career with the Cleveland Browns working on the coaching staff as well as in both pro personnel and college scouting. Landry began his coaching career as a student assistant at LSU in the mid 1980’s, working his way up to a full time position before being hired by Bill Belichick and the Browns in 1992. While working as a young coach at LSU, Landry also maintained a part time scouting position with one of the NFL’s scouting arms, BLESTO. You can hear Landry frequently on radio and TV all around the country analyzing the NFL and College Football game. Landry Football Operations is a Coaching and Scouting Consulting business, serving both NFL teams and College programs. Among the areas covered are college scouting, pro personnel evaluation, advance scouting, analysis of schematics, formation variations and technical trends, coaching staff analysis, scouting staff analysis, as well as other special coaching and scouting projects in and out of season. Programs find that this outside support supplements and supports their inside evaluations and analysis as well as identify who is excelling at various aspects of the college and pro game, allowing them to further grow and strengthen their programs in the coaching and player evaluation areas. Landry's website,, gives fans the INSIDE scoop on how coaching, scouting and front office staff evaluates and coaches it’s players. This isn't football gossip but actual insight from an NFL Scout. We take you inside the film room, coaching staff meetings, draft meetings, practice field, on the sideline, on the road scouting, etc. Become a member today at to get insight into the game you can't find on TV, or follow him on Twitter (@LandryFootball) and Facebook (LandryFootball).

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