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Booger McFarland: Regardless of who runs it, Auburn’s offense ‘ain’t working’

Jarrett Stidham
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SEC analyst Booger McFarland doesn’t like what he’s seeing from Auburn’s offense, and he doesn’t think the Tigers’ latest move will resolve the problem.

The ESPN analyst and former LSU defensive tackle said the Tigers’ offensive scheme “ain’t working” during an appearance on the “Cube Show with Cole Cubelic” on Sports Radio 730 The Ump.

McFarland said that it doesn’t seem to make a difference whether Auburn coach Gus Malzahn or offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey is calling the shots – either way, the Tigers’ offense is in trouble.

“Whether it’s Chip Lindsey’s offense, whether it’s Gus Malzahn’s offense, it ain’t working,” McFarland said.

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It didn’t work during last Saturday’s 14-6 loss to national champion Clemson. Auburn managed only 117 yards of total offense and quarterback Jarrett Stidham endured a battering at the hands of the Clemson pass rush, which sacked him 11 times.

What’s more, McFarland doesn’t believe the Tigers’ plan to fix the offensive problems – moving Lindsey from the sideline to the press box – is going to heal Auburn’s woes.

“You can put him in the press box, you can put him on top of the stadium. It doesn’t matter,” McFarland said. “When you’re calling plays where your offensive line is getting whipped at the line of scrimmage, when you’re calling plays that are not getting guys open, it’s a problem. Offensively, that’s the issue.

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“For a coach that made himself out to be an offensive genius, that’s the biggest problem that Gus Malzahn has.”

McFarland also said the arrival of Baylor transfer Stidham, whose strong arm was expected to add a new dimension to Auburn’s offense after years of limited or unreliable passers, hasn’t had the expected effect. Stidham’s 24 passes against Clemson went for only 79 yards, and only one gained more than 10.

“Jarrett Stidham coming in hasn’t really changed that. It hasn’t changed the play-calling,” McFarland said. “Maybe they don’t have enough receivers to get the football down the field, but the Auburn offense was really kind of stagnant. It was in a box. They didn’t open the offense up.

“And if you’re going to have a quarterback that can throw the football down the field, why not do that?”

The 1-1 Tigers return to the field Saturday against Mercer.

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