In wake of Cade Mays’ decommitment, some Vols fans need to get grip on reality

Cade Mays

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — After I wrote an article about the decommitment of Cade Mays and what it means for Tennessee’s 2018 recruiting class, I posted the link to the article across social media.

Most of the comments were about what you would expect. People want Tennessee to fire coach Butch Jones. People are blaming athletic director John Currie. People are yelling at the UT administration.

Sadly, I also read what I expected to read — Vols fans ripping into Cade Mays.

Now keep in mind this is by no means the majority of Tennessee supporters. And there were those that posted comments of best wishes for Mays.

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But there were enough people spitting venom that I took notice. Actually, they were “hard to ignore.

On Facebook, “VOL FOR LIFE” is one of the more popular Tennessee fan pages. There currently are more than 67,000 members. When you look at the postings, you’ll see a wide variety of opinions when it comes to the current state of the Tennessee football. I’ve found that it is a great place to generate discussions.

Mixed in with the normal “Fire Everyone” themed comments to my Cade Mays article, I also read the following postings about his decision.

(Comments are not edited for spelling or grammar. Read at your own risk.)

* When you return to your hometown dont be suprised when everyone says who are you?

* well if he does go somewere else he was never a true vol if you know you might be the person to help the program an you jump ship just to try to get on a winning team then I say bye.

* Yea if don’t want be here don’t need um anyway I say don’t even bag um to come it’s all turned around they should just be glad they got go to tenn

* Very disappointed the Mays de-commited. Apparently his blood is not orange like he has stated in the past.

* He done the same thing with high school.He didnt go to his home town school. Instead he went Knoxvilles Cathlic High School.

* Bye bye. Gtfo. Don’t need or want ya. Ride that bandwagon brother. Follow….make sure not to lead.

* Definitely not a true vol.. he just wants to go play at a college that wins already so he doesn’t have to put in as much effort.

* He’s not that great anyway.Not sure what all the hype is about! Let him go! Tennessee football means alot more than it’s crappy coaching staff.

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I understand that fans are upset, and I know it’s been 19 years since Tennessee won a conference title, and I know it’s been 10 years since Tennessee won a division title … but, seriously, what is wrong with you if you choose to criticize this kid? (And “kid” is the key word here.)

First of all, how on earth can you blame him for decommitting? No one knows what Tennessee is going to look like in late December, when Mays plans to sign.

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