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Court proceedings against Alabama’s Deionte Thompson moving forward

Deionte Thompson

According to a document filed last Thursday in Galveston County 122nd District Court and obtained by via the county’s online database, Alabama safety Deionte Thompson will be in court on October 8th answering to second-degree felony charges brought against him after a spring break beach brawl that occurred in March of 2017. Along with three former teammates of Thompson’s from West Orange-Stark High School, Thompson was indicted on criminal charges stemming from that brawl on Crystal Beach.

Thompson, Morris Joseph, Jr., Rufus Joseph, and Daletredric Wolfford each face a second-degree felony charge of aggravated assault and causing serious bodily injury as reported first by the Beaumont Enterprise.

Thompson’s lawyer, Sean Villery-Samuel, said in a statement back in November of 2017 to the Beaumont Enterprise that there is no evidence that Thompson was involved in the brawl, which he alleges was started by, “the mob of people that Noah Frillou,” the individual who was assaulted, “was believed to be amongst.”

According to the documents, two other important dates to keep an eye on will be September 21st, when a motion to suppress is heard. This is a request by the defendant to have certain evidence excluded from the trial that sometimes leads to a dismissal. Also, a pre-trial conference to establish ground rules for the trial is set for September 28th. This is also another stage where charges could be dropped.

Villery-Samuel told the Beaumont Enterprise back in November that “racial slurs and drinks were thrown at the people that were with Deionte Thompson.”

Villery-Samuel also maintains his client’s innocence saying, “Thompson maintains his innocence and looks forward to having his day in court so that he can clear his name.”

For Thompson’s and Alabama’s sake, he better be right. Villery-Samuel also told the Beaumont Enterprise that witnesses and a cell phone video that Villery-Samuel seen prove Thompson’s innocence and said that Thompson was identified because of his notoriety.

“He was kind of picked out because he was the one that was known the most, due to him playing football,” Villery-Samuel said.

I’m not saying I believe or don’t believe Thompson or his lawyer, but Thompson was still a backup defensive player who saw most of his action on special teams during his freshman season in 2017. Maybe people in the crowd did know Thompson more because he attended Alabama on an athletic scholarship, but I’m not ready to stand on the rock alone just yet. This all seems like a drunken beach fight gone wrong.

The defendant’s mother maintains that her son wasn’t even a part of the original fight, but that he was sucker-punched while trying to escort a young lady away from the fight.

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