‘Dabo’s Dance Party’? Fortunately, Dabo Swinney is a better coach than dancer

screengrab from clemson football video

What’s more awkward: the Clemson defense’s inappropriate, if not illegal, use of hands or Dabo Swinney’s dancing skills?

(“Dabo Swinney: Coach Can Dance!” – College Football Live – ESPN from Nick Aquilino on Vimeo.)

I’m leaning toward predicting Clemson to win the College Football Playoff on Monday night. This would be Clemson’s second national championship since the 1981 season, when Danny Ford was the Tigers’ coach.

Ford and Swinney played their college football at Alabama, but it’s highly doubtful that Bear Bryant allowed for much rug-cuttin’ before, or after, wins.

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Swinney has become almost as well-known for his bumbling gyrations as for his ability to recruit and turn Clemson into a major player in college football.

My sense of a Clemson win has everything to do with the Tigers having an edge at many key position match-ups along with incredible momentum going into the game. The rest of me just wants to click on YouTube and re-watch the latest Dabo dance video until the 2017 college football season rolls around.

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