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Damien Harris: Jalen Hurts’ call on 75-yard run shows command of ‘finer details’

Alabama RB Damien Harris
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Damien Harris changed last week’s game with his first-quarter 75-yard run against Texas A&M, but he’s giving credit to another member of the backfield.

The Alabama running back said that quarterback Jalen Hurts made the decision to change the call to the rush that Harris broke for a long-distance touchdown, part of an interview posted by the athletic department.

The touchdown put Alabama back in front immediately after Texas A&M had taken a 3-0 lead. But it might not have happened if Hurts hadn’t diagnosed the Aggies’ plan before the snap.

“Nobody would ever know that we had a different play call and Jalen just checked to a different play because we got a certain look where we thought, ‘Hey, we can run this play and have better success,'” Harris said.

Harris believes it’s an indication that Hurts is mastering “the finer details that people on the outside don’t really see.”

It’s the side of Hurts’ game that often goes unnoticed on an Alabama team packed with five-star talent, and it’s one of the reasons that Alabama head coach Nick Saban has stuck with Hurts in spite of his occasional bouts with inaccuracy in the passing game.

“That shows the kind of player that Jalen is. It’s not just about the physical ability. It’s his mind that also helps us as well as his athleticism,” Harris said. “Being able to put us in the best position to have success on offense, that’s what you need in a quarterback.”

Harris led the offense with 124 yards for Alabama Saturday as the Crimson Tide hit the line again and again, rushing 44 times for 232 yards against a high-rated Texas A&M defense.

“That kind of sets the tone to a defense,” Harris said. “It’s kind of like, ‘We’ll come at you no matter how many guys you’ve got in the box, no matter how good your defense is, how physical you are.”

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