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Darius Leonard’s road to the NFL: the hard way

Darius Leonard

When Darius Leonard was graduating, he was not so good enough as his stepbrother Anthony Waters (who was a former linebacker, selected in 2007 from Clemson). But this was a reason for Leonard to become a destructive player in a college football.

During his next five years, he was paying for South Carolina State and gained 45 pounds of muscle mass. In his last two student seasons, the sportsman chalked up 238 tackles and got the title of the best player, according to We suggest using our football bettings tips and earn money on your bets easily and fast!

Such history, no matter how impressive it may seem, has promised to Leonard only the choice on the third day of the draft, but the pre-draft events raised his quotes even higher. First of all, he had a great game in Senior Bowl and proved that he can be competitive at the highest level. Then he showed solid performances on the draft combine and during the open day of his university, which helped him to raise his own status on the draft.

After this, Leonard was chosen by Indianapolis who decided that he was worthy of becoming the one of 4 of the second round picks held by Colts (the team even was worried that some other team might have chosen Leonard earlier). He was the 5th linebacker who was selected on that draft. Seven weeks later, he gets more sacks than other four players chosen before him (Roquan Smith, Rashaan Evans, Leighton Wander Ash, and Tremaine Edmunds).

How much will Darius Leonard cost for Colts in 2021?

The current leaders of the Colts do not look like assholes who can let the brilliance players go out the team. Nowadays, this team has a bunch of money – and it seems they will have a lot of money for some years. Of course, this fact will allow Ballard and the owner of the team Jim Irsay to find an opportunity how to extend the agreement with Darius before he enters into the last year of the new contract (this will happen in the season 2021).

So how much will this big deal cost? The career of Leonard is at its very early stage, and if he continues in the same way and avoids serious injuries, he will be paid as an elite linebacker. The list of veterans of this position who had an influence (or still has an influence) on the game of their teams, that could be compared with Leonardo, includes such great players as Luke Kickley, Bobby Wagner, Jamie Collins, Benardrick McKinney, and Kiko Alonso. These players are paid less than the external linebackers sharpened by pass-rush, but, for example, the top 5 players in this position have a salary around $9.5 million. If to extrapolate this amount of $500,000 in annual increase and get the difference of $25 million between how much Leonard costs and how much he earns now. This is such a nice bonus that will seriously help Ballard in the difficult task of enhancing the roster.

When it will be the time to pay, the “Colts” will probably agree on something like a four-year contract for $48 million with $25 million guarantees. This is much less than Luke Kickley gets, but Leonard is not a permanent candidate for the title of the defensive player of the year — at least for now.

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