Demise of SEC greatly exaggerated as league’s top team still best of the best

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Cancel the wake and forget about a funeral. Postpone the preaching and hold the hearse. The Southeastern Conference lives.

As a matter of fact, at the midpoint of the 2017 college football season, the SEC is better at the top than any conference in America.

Alabama, Georgia, and Auburn are better than any three teams in any other Power 5 conference.  Don’t believe me? Just look at the other four conferences.


Clemson sits astride the Atlantic Coast Conference much as Alabama dominates the SEC. With perennial contender Florida State suffering a down season, the other challengers to the Tigers are Miami, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and N.C. State.

I believe Georgia and Auburn would be favored over any of those teams on a neutral field, and the Dawgs would likely be favored on the road as well.

If we rank Clemson and Alabama as equals (although I think Alabama has been more impressive), the Georgia and Auburn still give the SEC an edge over any combination of the Hurricanes, Hokies, Yellow Jackets, or Wolfpack.

Big Ten

Since the SEC’s unprecedented run of eight consecutive national champions ended in 2013 (when FSU beat Auburn in the title game), the Big Ten has become the darling of college football pundits. Please realize that’s nothing new.

Recall 2006 when college football fans had to sit through weeks of ESPN’s “College GameDay” crew shilling for an Ohio State-Michigan rematch in the national championship game. Such a pairing would have stiff-armed Florida out of the game, yet given their chance, the Gators thoroughly thrashed the Buckeyes 41-14 in the Fiesta Bowl to usher in the SEC’s decade of dominance.

Today Big Ten bias is as pronounced as any such favoritism the SEC ever received.

The top three teams in the B1G this week are Penn State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State.  I’d take Alabama and Georgia over all three – handily.  Auburn would beat Wisconsin as well.

Big 12

Why should anyone consider Oklahoma’s loss to Iowa State stunning? The Sooners have now lost a game as a double-digit favorite at least once for the past seven seasons.

TCU, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State hold the Big 12’s highest rankings this week (although Texas is 2nd in conference standings), and while it is certainly a topic worthy of debate, the SEC trio of Bama, Georgia, and Auburn edges that threesome from the southwest.

The Big 12 is probably most similar to the SEC this season in that there is a noticeable lack of depth after the top echelon teams.

PAC 12

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