Did Mike Bobo’s evaluation of Deshaun Watson cost the Bulldogs a title-winning QB?

Deshaun Watson
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Clemson ended a 35-year national-title drought with Monday’s win over Alabama, thanks to Georgia-born quarterback Deshaun Watson. If you’re a Georgia fan, you have to be wondering if Watson could’ve ended Georgia’s 36-year drought — the whole “what if a kid who is from Gainesville, Ga., went to college 45 miles away in Athens?” thing.

At one point, it seems Watson may have been wondering the same thing.

In a tweet uncovered from 2012, Watson says then-Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo had some unflattering things to say about his skill set.

In fairness, Watson already was committed to Clemson at the time of his tweet. In addition, he was the nation’s top-ranked dual-threat quarterback prospect, which meant he was a better fit for Clemson’s offense than Georgia’s pro-style attack. (Watson also was a top-50 prospect overall in the 2014 recruiting cycle.)

Georgia signed Brice Ramsey in 2013 and Jacob Park in 2014. Ramsey has thrown 74 passes in three seasons; Park, a pro-style quarterback, eventually transferred and now is at Iowa State.

Bobo just completed his second season as coach at Colorado State.

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