Did Freeze really turn down an offer from Florida?

The most amusing notion of Florida’s very swift coaching search was the notion that Hugh Freeze “turned down an offer” from the Gators before signing an extension with Ole Miss. Well, I’m just not buying it.

Look, I like Freeze very much. I met him before an Ole Miss-LSU game I was working for the Touchdown Radio Network, and he is a terrific guy and an outstanding coach. He was so deserving of that raise, and good for Ole Miss officials for striking quickly. When you have a commodity like Freeze, you should lock him up for the long haul. Yet, I still don’t believe he turned down an offer.

What I think happened is Florida reached out to a handful of candidates to gauge their interest and I have no doubt Freeze was one of them. Then I think super agent Jimmy Sexton, as all good agents should, parlayed that innocent vetting into a quick, impressive raise for his client. The result was good for all parties.

Freeze was raised an hour from Oxford and is in the perfect place. Florida got what may be the perfect guy for them, in Jim McElwain. Everybody wins.

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