Explaining why Florida State Seminoles fell in 2018 NFL Draft

Derwin James

@warchant37: “How do draft grades work if you are considering leaving school early? Does it come from agents or NFL scouts? Who advises these kids to leave early?”

It’s a combination of all of that from what I’ve seen or experienced, as well as other personal factors. You try to get as much information as possible and try to lean on folks that you deem “experts” to help advise you in making the best possible decision for yourself.

Before the season, players, more than likely, have had contact with some agents who try to give them an idea of where they are in terms of rankings. Websites and analysts such as Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Walter Football, etc. do different rankings that you can find yourself as a prospect to get an understanding of where you stand before the season starts.

Then, you look at yourself compared to others. At the end of the season you can ask for your draft grade from the NFL, but I think with the sheer amount of underclassmen, and good upperclassmen this past draft class had, it was more difficult for most of this year’s underclassmen to make that decision.

In hindsight, most of the Noles – and many others – should’ve come back, but it’s easy to say that now. Who knows how guys like Tavarus McFadden or Auden Tate would’ve fit into the new systems? Other factors that we don’t know about are academics and family situations which come into play as well.

It’s not an exact science.

@feardaspear82: “Will we see more than 2 wrs drafted in the next 5 years? Does the free fall of Tate and Tmac factor on future noles holding out leaving early next year?”

One would think so when it comes to wide receiver.

Many analysts complain about the spread offense and how poorly it translates into the NFL, but size, speed and production against top competition always wins out. I could easily see Nyquon Murray being drafted in 2019. Tamorrion Terry and D.J. Matthews both have good skill sets that should translate to the NFL eventually. Jordan Young and Trashaun Harrison also have good measurables coming into college.
Still, it’s too early to tell. It all depends on how Willie Taggart’s “lethal simplicity” works on the big stage against better competition.

As far as cautionary tales of players in the past, you don’t go to the top schools to get a great degree and just go to the work force, those are byproducts of being at FSU. You go so that you can get into the league. Players can’t worry too much about what guys before them did or did not do.

Statistically speaking, receiving a scholarship from an FBS school and being drafted by the NFL has similar odds to winning the lottery. In short, you don’t get to this level by having doubt. Just produce and let everything else sort itself out.

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