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You think you know Florida’s next coach? You don’t know

Florida coaching rumors

Everybody knows, but nobody knows.

Radio silence. Whereas the stillness gives us respite, the roar of the Internet gives way to salacious appetite. There is no credible news, so the vacuum is consumed by cheap imitation and outright hoax.

It always happens that way with “As the Coaches Turn,” whether they are coming or going.

This I do know from experience: Just when you least expect it – maybe right now – a new Gators coach will be announced. And there’s a chance it will not be somebody on the so-called “A-List” that has been put together by Internet jockeys and talk-show experts.

And so we all become Inspector Clouseau, looking under every leaf, testing the wind with our wet index finger, interpreting new meaning to every statement.

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Some of you read down this far expecting to see the name of Chip Kelly. Or Scott Frost. Or Charlie Strong. Or maybe Justin Fuente or Mike Gundy or yada, yada, yada.

Of course, when you mention 15 names and one of them turns out to have been correct, then some of you will claim you had it all the way.

You think you know? You don’t know.

Last week on my radio show, Steve Spurrier made a strong statement about his view of Jim McElwain and vehemently denied any role in influencing the departure of the former Florida coach. At the same time, he made a statement about the new coach.

“The coach is with his team now. The coach we’re going to hire is probably – I would almost 100 percent say – is coaching his team today, this weekend and through the end of the season and maybe through the bowl game,” Spurrier said.

Under the microscope, that “I would almost 100 percent say” comment set off alarms. Did he mean Chip Kelly is not on the list? It damn near went viral.

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So here we go.

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