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You think you know Florida’s next coach? You don’t know

Florida coaching rumors

I worked for a website that broke the story that Bob Stoops was on his way to Gainesville when Urban Meyer resigned the second time. Stoops was rumored to have been Florida-bound, on the runway in Norman, Okla., when Meyer originally changed his mind the year before.

My source was sure it was Stoops this time, so we went with the story based on the best-sourced information available. And remember that nobody in power is talking at that point.

Right in the middle of my son Brenden’s wedding reception, I got the call that Will Muschamp had been hired.

It so happened that Brenden worked at the same website. We had to take the calls, but we were not a real popular father-son duo that day with the family.

When I talked to then-Florida AD Jeremy Foley about it a few weeks later, he stopped short of admitting it might have been true or saying he planted the Stoops rumor, but he did admit, “It made a good smoke screen.”

People spin things. Agents leak rumors to gain leverage. With live negotiations going on, it’s a fluid situation and there is confusion created when would-be coaches or ADs change their minds.

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I have a circle of friends somewhat connected. Many mornings we start the convo with, “Heard anything?” We are past the stage of BSing each other.


Not even a credible rumor.

On my show last week, regular contributor Franz Beard said he had sources among “rich” boosters who said Kelly was being vetted and that he’ll be the new coach. Maybe so, but I’m not ready to sign off on that.

You think you know? You don’t know.

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