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Florida State’s offensive line problems tie back to recruiting; not easily fixed

Florida State offensive line

Florida State’s woes aren’t new to Willie Taggart. The offensive line, linebackers, lack of pass rush and separation with receivers didn’t come to FSU with Taggart. Fans have been complaining about these problems ever since Jameis Winston left.

Hiring a new coach doesn’t automatically mean your existing problems will be fixed immediately.
If there’s anything for fans to be mad at Taggart about, it’s that he’s been too pleasant and overly optimistic. That’s his persona.

I also will credit him because he isn’t hiding or throwing anybody else under the bus.
He has a really nice car that needs some work on the interior. Let’s focus there. Here are FSU’s last four recruiting classes on the offensive line (star rating follows name).

Cole Minshew (3) OG
David Robbins (3) OG
Abdul Bello (4) OT

Landon Dickerson (4) OT
Baveon Johnson (4) C
Juan Williams (4) OT
Josh Ball (4) OT
Mike Arnold (3) OT
Andrew Boselli (3) OG

Brady Scott (3) OT

Christian Meadows (4) OG
Christian Armstrong (3) OT
Jalen Goss (3) OT

When comparing where the program is and where it should be, I look at who the top dogs are – or should be – and what they have done.

As a comparison, Georgia has signed 17 offensive linemen in last four recruiting cycles and only five of them are three stars. Alabama likewise has recruited 17 in the last four cycles, only two of which are three stars. Clemson has recruited 15 with a bulk of them being three stars while OSU has recruited 17 with five of them being stars.

Curious about Texas A&M?

The Aggies have recruited 18 linemen in the last four cycles.

The star ranking of Florida State’s offensive line recruits isn’t bad, but the volume of players brought in is well below where it should be.

My point, the only way for FSU to get itself out of this problem on the offensive line is to recruit yourself out of it. In 2014, Jimbo Fisher did focus on the issue, but you’ve got to consistently, every year, bring in competition to create a since of urgency, cover up any misses, guard against injury and transfer and become better.

Look at the numbers.

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