Former NFL scout high on ex-Tennessee DE Derek Barnett’s potential

Derek Barnett
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Former Tennessee defensive end Derek Barnett was a standout pass rusher during his three-year career with the Volunteers. He even went on to break Reggie White’s sack record of 32 by netting 33 in his career.

Chris Landry, a former NFL scout and believer in Barnett, recently wrote as much on his website, LandryFootball.com.

“While all the talk is about Texas A&M DE Myles Garrett in this upcoming April draft, Tennessee DE Derek Barnett is very underrated and I expect him to have an early impact in the league,” Landry wrote. “He uses his hands very well and shows good second pass rush moves. He knows how to vary his rushes, transfer quickness to power with the bend to protect against low body blocks.”

Landry likes Barnett’s size and feels that he has good technique. He also thinks that while he can be successful on the next level, he could have some adjustments to make.

“He has a great work ethic and a very advanced feel for blocking angles,” Landry said. “The 6-3, 267-pounder is limited physically and may be closing to maxing out his capabilities. While he was the most technique sound edge rusher in the college game last year, some of that will be negated once he gets to the next level against he best pass protectors. In the best case scenario, if he can stay healthy, perhaps he can be a Jared Allen type player who excels with technique and motor over explosiveness and raw speed.”

Barnett played in all 39 games of his college career at Tennessee. He had 197 tackles and three forced fumbles.

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Chris Landry is a veteran NFL scout who has worked for the Cleveland Browns and the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans. Previously, he ran the annual NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis and served as an assistant at LSU. Landry is a consultant for multiple NFL teams and major college programs.

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Visit LandryFootball.com to learn more about football scouting.

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