Former Seminole player defending Jimbo Fisher amid allegations

Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher

It’s amazing what outrages us about college athletics, what we let slide and what we choose to vilify. Behavior is typically only judged as evil when it’s not our favorite team engaging said behavior. Actions are especially egregious when committed by a rival

The truth is, every school literally is guilty of the same violations.

I remember Oregon coming under scrutiny for the Duck Girls; every school I took an official recruiting visit to had a similar organization. I even dated a Garnet & Gold guide at FSU who served a similar purpose.

Colorado had a stripper scandal. The statute of limitations isn’t up on my visits, so I won’t speak on that, just know it’s not only going on in Boulder. Mike Leach lost his job because of mistreatment of someone under concussion protocol. I could go on and on.

This isn’t to say that folks don’t need to be punished for heinous acts, but I’m saying that these things happen everywhere and you’d find them if you looked close enough.

College football’s newest burgeoning scandal involves Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher. In a story reported by USA Today, a former Aggies’ player who is attempting to transfer without missing a year of eligibility accuses Fisher and his coaching staff of providing money above what is allowed by the NCAA to entertain recruits on unofficial visits, holding practices running afoul of NCAA rules for coaching oversight and length, misdiagnosing an injury and abusive language.

Fisher may be a lot of things, but he’s definitely not guilty of doing anything over the top in this situation.

It’s funny, and somewhat ironic, the timing of this story with Fisher’s former athletic director at FSU leaving the school to work in NCAA.

Before casting judgement on Fisher, let’s look at what this really is: a case of a disgruntled student-athlete who found a new loophole in the transfer rule looking for a way to get immediate playing time at his new school.

I’m not even mad at the player for doing it. Use the rules. But not liking the way a coach talked to you, pushed you through injuries and allegedly gave you cash to host prospects – those things happen and are definitely hard to prove or disprove. I’m not even saying that they didn’t happen as I’ve seen similar.

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