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Gene Stallings blames NCAA and lack of athletic dorms for players’ late-night troubles

Gene Stallings, 2016 SEC championship game

Gene Stallings believes the NCAA is to blame for student-athletes getting in trouble late at night.

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“Nothing good happens at 2:30 or three o’clock in the morning,” Stallings said Friday on ESPN 106.7 in Auburn. “We can thank the NCAA for that. There was a time when we had athletic dorms. Players lived at the dorms, we had curfews, they were in at a certain time – and now we can’t have that.”

The NCAA eliminated athletic dorms in 1996.

“I feel like it was a big mistake when the NCAA took athletic dorms away,” Stallings said. “The NCAA is run by the presidents and there were more presidents that didn’t have them (athletic dorms) than those who did.”

He said his “philosophy” was that if a school didn’t want to have athletic dorms, it shouldn’t have them. “But you should be able to if you wanted,” Stallings said.

Stallings believes fewer athletes would get in trouble if there were athletic dorms.

Stallings coached at Texas A&M (1965-71) and Alabama (1990-96) for seven seasons apiece during his coaching career. He helped the Crimson Tide capture the 1992 national championship.

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