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Georgia strength coach Scott Sinclair tries to show players what toughness means

ATHENS, Ga. — When Georgia went out to practice last Friday afternoon in 40-degree weather, everyone on the team wore long sleeves – both on the torso and legs – to keep warm.

But strength and conditioning coach Scott Sinclair was a clear exception in the wintry temperatures with a sleeveless T-shirt and shirts.

Needless to say, it probably was too cold to be wearing such items. However, as his players will say, he’s doing it with a purpose.

Junior tight end Jeb Blazevich is one such player who knows what Sinclair is trying to prove to his players.

“He’s getting our mind right,” Blazevich said. “I think a bunch of guys know that it’s cold and he’s showing us it’s not cold. … he’s awesome.”

Before coming to Georgia this season, Sinclair spent time as a strength coach at Marshall, located in the colder Huntington, West Virginia.

After practice, junior wide receiver Javon Wims said that “chill bumps” were noticeable all over Sinclair after the work had been finished for the day but didn’t seem to do much in the way of bothering him otherwise.

In terms of his expertise, junior defensive lineman John Atkins was one of many players who says his development in the weight room this season has been directly impacted by Sinclair’s work.

“My upper body had become a lot stronger,” Atkins said. “When I first got into the weight room, I think I made a 15-30 percent jump on my bench press.”

Wims says that Sinclair helped him improve his squat numbers after doing little of it during his time in junior college before this season. As he put it, when he first came to Georgia, he could barely do it all, but now is in the 300-pound range with his lifts.

Sinclair also was the coach responsible for the “Attack The Day” motto that has been adopted by the program this season and goes beyond just activity in the weight room.

Sinclair is Georgia’s third strength and conditioning coach in the last three seasons. Mark Hocke and Joe Tereshinski Jr. are his predecessors.

For everything that was questionable about Sinclair’s attire, he did have one exception to it, though. On his head, he wore a beanie.

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