Giants air dirty laundry as owner calls out Odell Beckham

Odell Beckham

Earlier this month New York Giants’ wide receiver Odell Beckham questioned his team’s heart in a scathing interview with ESPN. The former Louisiana State University alumni expressed concern at his team’s then 1-3 start, now 1-5 record, chalking the Giants’ lack of form up to the team’s energy. He had this to say:

“Lot of it has to do with the energy that we don’t have, that we don’t bring every single day. And you know me. I’m a passionate, energetic person. I always have to have that. If I don’t, it’s gonna be a problem for me. And just playing with some heart. We just need to play with some heart. “

The wide receiver subsequently apologized for his comments, seemingly bringing an end to the controversy.

Recently signing a new five-year contract with the Giants’ worth upwards of $90 million, Odell Beckham looks back on his time at Louisiana State University with fondness. So much so, in fact, that last year, he said he would to have loved to play under the LSU Tiger’s then offensive coordinator Matt Canada, during a halftime interview against Texas A&M University.

“This right here would be an example where Jarvis Landry, myself and Jeremy Hill could’ve thrived. But you know that wasn’t our time. This is the time now. So it’s time for these young guys to take advantage of it and bring LSU back to where we’re supposed to be.”

Famed for his honesty in the press, his comments from the ESPN interview were brought up to New York Giant’s chairman, John Mara, at a recent NFL owners meeting, seeming to reignite the feud which certainly doesn’t sit well with fans and bookmakers, as they will now have to review their odds, usually based on predictions and sensational turns of events such as this one.

John Mara stated that “I wish [Beckham] would create the headlines by his play on the field as opposed to what he says and what he does off the field, I think he needs to do a little more playing and a little less talking.”

John Mara continued to support struggling Eli Manning after Beckham had criticised him during the same ESPN interview. Beckham had questioned Manning’s ability to find him further down the field.

“But it’s just a matter of when we gonna go on a run. How come we can’t throw the ball for more than 20 yards? How come we don’t attempt or try to throw the ball for more than 20 yards? “

Mara rebuked these claims stating that the Giant’s lack of form wasn’t solely down to Manning’s woeful record this season, but that the team needs to improve as a whole.

“I think when you’re 1-5, it generally means that everybody needs to play better, so he’s not alone”. Mara then explained that, “We still believe in him, but everybody needs to do their jobs in order for us to be successful, and right now that’s not happening. I know he’s the punching bag right now, but a lot of guys need to play better when you’re 1-5.”

The Giant’s decided to persevere with the veteran when they chose to select running back Saquon Barkley in the draft opposed to replacing Eli Manning with a new and younger quarterback. A decision which at the time seemed to puzzle pundits and fans alike, but Mara remains defiant in his pick.

”We took the best player in the draft. I’m thrilled with what he’s accomplished so far, and I think the sky’s the limit for him.”

After their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last week, the Giant’s chances for qualifying for the playoffs are all but dead. With their next match up against the Atlanta Falcons, who are riding high following a victory against the Carolina Panthers, their fortunes in the NFL show little signs of improving.


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