Giants to Begin New Era by Drafting Quarterback in 2018 Draft

Eli Manning

The New York Giants have signalled they are about to begin a new era, and the strongest indication they are going to give looks likely to come in the 2018 draft, by drafting a quarterback with their first-round pick. They have struggled this season, and clearly need a clean slate, which is why they are likely to take on a new play-caller, and signal the end of the Eli Manning era.

You only have to take a look back through the career of Eli Manning to see just how much of an impact he has had on this football team. Moving on from Manning is not a decision the team will have taken lightly, but it is the best decision to make for the good of the Giants’ future. Manning will be a huge loss, both on and off the field, but right now, in rebuild mode, he is a luxury that the Giants can no longer afford to keep.

Going into the 2018 draft, there are three options for the Giants, all of which are rated closely and have pros and cons surrounding them. Josh Rosen, Lamar Jackson and Sam Darnold are likely to be the first three quarterbacks to go in the draft, and the Giants will likely get the chance to pick from at least one of those, depending on their draft position. The Cleveland Browns are likely to pick a quarterback with the number one pick, and if the Giants are lucky they will either be on the clock straight after, or two will remain for them to choose from by the time it is their turn to pick.

Odell Becham Jr. (Photo credit USA Today)

If the Giants want to replace Manning with a like-for-like replacement then they are likely to target Josh Rosen, who looks to have the best arm from the top three. He has shown the ability to drop into the pocket and throw the ball, something that would appeal to the Giants and their strong group of wide receivers. With a star player like Odell Beckham Jr on the team, it is vital their new quarterback can throw the ball well.

With a totally new team hitting the field in 2018, and with a new play-caller likely to be on that team, the Giants should be more competitive and win more games. That would make them a much better betting proposition than what they have been recently, with more people inclined to back them to win games, and maybe to even win their division.

This is a time for change in New York for the Giants, and it is going to be fascinating to watch how it all unfolds. They have been far from impressive this season, but with the rebuild underway, they could recuse the situation and turn it into something to look forward to. The future is far from clear right now for the Giants, but they can make good strides in the summer, and that will start with bringing in a new quarterback to call the plays.

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