Greg Sankey stands by decision to postpone LSU-Florida game

HOOVER, Ala. – SEC commissioner Greg Sankey joined Frank Frangie and Hays Carlyon of 1010XL Jax Sports Radio during SEC Media Days. Sankey was asked about his decision to postpone last year’s matchup between LSU and Florida, originally scheduled for Oct. 7 in Gainesville, and later moved to Nov. 19 in Baton Rogue due to Hurricane Matthew.

“It was hard,” Sankey said. “I think in real time I said, ‘it was hard.’ Difficult, certainly a learning experience and resulted in two policy adjustments at that time I’m involved in allowing postponement of the game, which given the weather circumstances was appropriate.”

Sankey, who enters his third season as the league’s commissioner, said he’s settled into his job after having already participated in SEC Media Days twice.

“Well, that’s it,” Sankey said. “One of the things I learned during my first year is that I’d sit down for these interviews and answer the same questions like, ‘I just answered that.’ I realized I’m talking to a different market and people aren’t in the same place so that’s one. Just recognizing that it’s okay to say the same thing over and over, doesn’t bother me at all. Then the pace, I see familiar faces now and recognize like when I’m on a station in Little Rock I play ‘Name that Tune’ every day so I’m ready for that.”

You can listen to Sankey’s full interview here:

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