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Gus Malzahn should look to friend Hugh Freeze to fix Auburn offense

Hugh Freeze 2017 SEC Media Days

He will eventually be hired. It could be by a rival – hello, Nick Saban. Saban has a habit of hiring former head coaches; why not beat the competition to the punch? Why not hire the only SEC coach to beat Saban two years in a row since 2009?

With the way the offense looks right now, what is there to lose?

Whoever hires Freeze will be adding a highly motivated coach hoping to put what happened in the past in … well … the past.

He told me in May that he wants to rewrite his legacy. Becoming the face of an Auburn offense with such a bright future would start that process.

Adding everything up – his friendship with Malzahn, his offensive mind sitting unused, his background in the SEC – the move makes sense.

Of course, the only way this would work is if Malzahn relinquished complete control of the offensive. For a man who rose through the ranks as a savant in that aspect of the game, it would be a tough pill to swallow. In his five-plus seasons in Auburn, Malzahn has achieved occasionally great success, but to stay competitive, adjustments, even by the greatest, are needed. Again, look no further than Nick Saban for evidence of that.

When you can fix a leaking hole with cement, why would you instead choose to use a straw? By keeping Lindsey and the limited game plan he is handed by Malzahn, the water will continue to seep until a final deluge. Bring in Freeze, and that hole is gone.

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