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Hey, Saban, leave those kids alone!

Alabama students cheer at game

“I think the fans are getting so entitled there at Alabama, specifically the students. Listen, as a student, you’ve done nothing to win all these titles, OK? You spend a little bit of your daddy’s money to show up at a game and to go to school there. You say you’re the best fans in college football. Well, you need to show up. I don’t care if you’re playing Louisiana-whoever or if you’re playing Hoover High School. You show up for the game and you support your team. Because if you want to say you’re the best fans in the country, you show up every game no matter what. Coach Saban is right. Alabama students, you need to show up for your team.”

Did Tebow really just go there?

You’ve done nothing to win these titles? Well, yeah, Tim, neither has any other in the history of sports. How is that even relevant?

Tebow doubles down by then painting every single student at Alabama as a spoiled rich kid. The problem is, that has nothing to do with anything. It would be a whole lot cheaper for daddy to just buy little Johnny season tickets for four years instead of paying $30,000 a year for college and everything else that goes along with that expense.

I guarantee you Rebecca’s father isn’t calling her on Sunday morning to make sure his hard-earned money wasn’t wasted on anything to do with actually being a student, but rather that she spent three hours in the blistering heat at Bryant-Denny watching the Tide route teams by 35 points a game.

This entire situation has spiraled into a black hole of hot air from Saban and others on a situation that doesn’t require an opinion. Students will show up to an extra-curricular activity when they want to, period. You can’t shame students into doing something that doesn’t impact anything to do with them actually being students.

Saban would have been better off understanding that he can’t control everything at the University of Alabama no matter how much he wants to. What’s next, Saban calling out students for buying food off campus instead of using their food plan?

Saban needs to let this go, but he won’t. He’s just going by his annual script. Next up, downplaying the college football playoff rankings.

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