How will legalized sports betting affect the SEC?

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Online gambling and sports betting have been thriving for decades now. There are literally thousands of online casinos you can spend your money at and the industry has developed so much that there are casino comparison sites such as that give you a pretty clear idea of who’s who in the online gambling business (for example, check out their ladylucks casino review). The same goes for sports betting – it’s taking the online gambling industry by storm as players find betting online from the comfort of their own home quite appealing.

It’s great for those who like to gamble, but not so great for sports in general. Sports betting is a hotly-debated topic right now, with many experts warning about the potential dangers it brings. Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling that revoked a nearly 30-year old ban on sports betting in the USA, the government is now passing on that jurisdiction to states who are free to decide if they will allow sports betting. Florida may be some way off, but states such as Mississippi already had a law in place that would allow sports betting once the Supreme Court revoked the ban, which means they’ll offer college football games even before the season even starts.

Delaware and New Jersey are widely expected to follow Mississippi and other states are next on the list. Sports fans are thrilled by the news, but the SEC isn’t excited. Fears of fixed games are real down the road, with most SEC representatives and coaches believing it will happen at some point. Unpaid SEC players aged 17 or 18 could be attracted to the opportunity of taking big money to ‘fix’ a game – it only takes one player to start the trend and dozens will follow soon. By the time anyone figures it out, online bookies will be richer by millions.

According to the American Gaming Association, about $5 billion is wagered illegally each year on sports. With so many casinos located nearby Mississippi and other states that have their own teams in the SEC, gambling can become a problem for SEC players sooner than we think.

College football betting has been growing year by year and states like Delaware are already seeing the benefits. The SEC offers much more excitement than the NFL which is great news for online bookies, but bad news for the players and teams. Although slots are still the casino’s main forte, sports betting has been raking in millions and the number is increasing each year. Casinos are already thinking forward and hiring companies that will help them add a sports book in their offer, which will make SEC’s paranoia even worse in the coming months and years.

SEC officials are urging athletes, players, and staff not to bet. The lure may be appealing, but it will ruin the game and possibly destroy potentially great careers. There are plenty of unknowns related to college football betting at the moment, and the SEC has only begun to sort them out. In the meantime, let’s hope sports betting doesn’t destroy the league right away.

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