In defense of Derrius Guice against media slander

Derrius Guice 2017 SEC Media Days

I’ve ignored the conversation long enough. After reading Mike Mayock’s final mock draft at, I can’t ignore it any longer.

The veteran prognosticator projects LSU running back Derrius Guice to the Eagles with the final pick of Round 1 in Thursday’s NFL Draft. The selection is plausible. The explanation is asinine.

“He’s a north-south slasher and a tough guy. He finishes runs. He’s had some off-field issues. The reason I love this pick? Eagles running backs coach Duce Staley will get him going in the right direction,” he wrote.

Off-field issues?

The media echo-chamber can be a funny place. Over the past few months, the narrative of Guice as bad-egg has gained traction. Mayock isn’t a bad guy. He’s just a lazy media member who is casting aspersions about a talented young player based on what others have told him. It’s a common practice in media today. Why vet information and report accurately when you can print salacious drivel, get a bunch of clicks, and be on to the next victim tomorrow?

There is no citation of sources. Mayock doesn’t relay any personal interaction with Guice to support his “off-field issues” claim. There is nothing, but an unsubstantiated, blanket statement from a guy with a large platform to sling mud at a player on the eve of the biggest night of his life.

Do a Google search. Seriously. Yes, you. Do it right now.

Search “Derrius Guice arrested” and see what comes up. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


Now search “Derrius Guice drugs.”

Find anything yet?

Humor me one more time. Search “Derrius Guice assault.”

Nothing? Weird, huh?

No arrests. No suspensions. No drugs. No violence. No drama.

Guice’s “off-field issues’ amount to Twitter and Fortnite. The state of “journalism” today makes me sad.

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