An introduction to Australian sports betting

NBA games are increasingly attracting Australian sports gambling

An Introduction to Australian Sports Betting

The sports betting market in Australia is one of the world’s fastest growing: the percentage of Australians who indulge in some kind of gambling stands at 80%, and is sure to keep rising thanks to the constant increase in accessibility that internet-based betting brings. Australian punters enjoy placing wagers on the NRL, AFL, Soccer, and other major sporting events that take place around the world, and sports from the USA are also an incredibly frequent choice when it comes to enjoying betting options online!

Popular Sports for Bettors at Australian Bookmakers

It may be surprising to find out that, when it comes to online betting, the Australian Rugby League and AFL markets are not the most popular! Recently, a lot of sports traditionally viewed as American ones, have become the first-choice for a growing amount of bettors, with the NBA games enjoying the top position on this list.

Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James are attracting far more Australian dollars in terms of wagers than even the big rugby and cricket stars from that country. The reason that they occupy such a large percent of the market, at 19%, is that, thanks to the time-difference, punters are able to place wagers mid-morning, during the week, at which time there are no other sports competing for bettors’ attention.

The Growth of Pay TV is Widening Bettors’ Scope

The rise in availability of pay television across Australia, and the coverage of overseas sporting events, especially of those from the United States of America, is what has increased betting activities on these types of athletic activity. The NBA, the NFL, the MLB, and sporting events that, although hugely popular in the United States, do not have that much coverage elsewhere, are some of bettors’ favourite picks these days.

Australian Bookmakers Allow You to Bet on Anything

Australian-based bookmaking brands provide a bigger focus of sports that are played by and large by Australian athletes, like Australian Rules Football, or AFL; Rugby, both Union and League; and Cricket, and the international bookmakers provide options that cater more to the recent upsurge in interest in American sports, like Major League Baseball; NBA Basketball games; NFL Football matches; and hockey games from the NHL.

The Most Popular Bet Types Down Under

There is a huge amount of bet types available for those making use of Australian bookmakers, with perhaps the top choice, known as the Moneyline bet around the rest of the world, being Single Betting. This kind of wager is available for almost every single sporting event in existence!

When it comes to Basketball, Australians enjoy Margin Betting, which is very similar to Point Spread Betting, in that it asks you to predict the margin of victory that a team will enjoy in a game. However, in the case of Margin Betting, the number of points given is static, with a moneyline attached moving as the action unfolds.

American sporting events are beginning to attract the attention they deserve, and the Australians are one of the first countries to get on board!

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