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Jake Fromm not backing down from challenge of Justin Fields

Georgia QB Jake Fromm

Sophomore quarterback Jake Fromm has never been one to shy away from competition.

Last year, Fromm chose to come to Georgia despite the presence of incumbent starter Jacob Eason on the roster. Fromm eventually received his opportunity due to an Eason injury and ran away with the job.

Earlier this offseason, Fromm got competitive with incoming freshman Cade Mays away from the football field.

“We went fishing one day and he caught one a little bit bigger than I did,” Fromm said. “The next day I had to kind of get him back. So we got that all figured out.”

And coming into this season, nothing will change for Fromm now that Justin Fields — the top dual-threat quarterback recruit in the country — is with the team.

According to Fromm, his having just led the Bulldogs to the team’s best season of football since the 1980s plays no role whether or not he deserves the job this year.

“Everybody on this football team is competing for their job and their spot,” Fromm said.

Of course, Fromm is on the other side of the competition this time around. He’s the player with the experience and well-established comfort, which is certainly one of his greatest advantages in a quarterback battle against Fields.

Fromm said the year of experience has helped him both on the field and off, joking that he has both an understanding of the offense and a good enough knowledge of Georgia’s campus to arrive at classes on time.

Fromm even said he is fully embracing the mentor role that comes with being a returning starter.

“The same way Jacob [Eason] was to me, I try to be that same way to Justin,” Fromm said. “At the end of the day we learn a lot from each other.

Despite Fromm’s willingness to assist his teammates, it’s still a competition. Only one player can win the starting job, and this early in the spring, there’s no telling how Georgia’s most recent quarterback battle will shake out.

It’s hard to predict how Fields, a freshman, will react to a new environment. But it’s not tough to guess what Fromm will bring to the practice field.

“I’m still going to be the same guy every single day, even from the day when I got here, and that’s just a guy who goes in, competes, and just really just works his butt off,” Fromm said. “I’m never going to stop doing that.”

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