Jared Lorenzen looking forward to biggest UK game… ever?

Kentucky celebrates

The SEC East title is on the line Saturday in Lexington as Georgia travels to Kentucky. Former UK quarterback Jared Lorenzen joined “XL Primetime” on 1010XL Radio in Jacksonville this week to preview the game.

“It’s pretty crazy right now because something like this hasn’t happened in any of our lifetimes,” Lorenzen told 1010XL. “It’s so much fun to be around it and to see the excitement.

“For us, basketball gets pushed back a little bit further and it’s just a great time to be down there.”

Lorenzen was asked if this game on Saturday against Georgia was the biggest in the history of Kentucky football.

“Since probably the 1950’s, or 1970’s, yeah without a doubt,” Lorenzen said. “Just because it takes us to a place that we have never been. We have played No.1 teams in the country, I mean you’re in the SEC it happens quite often actually.

“We don’t ever get a chance to play for the East title. That is something that we would obviously love to have a chance at.

“We are afraid to dream here in Kentucky too much with football, but just to have the opportunity is huge.”

Lorenzen was asked if this Kentucky run all started the night they finally beat the streak and knocked off the Gators almost two months ago.

“I think it has been a culmination of six years of Coach Stoops working his butt off,” Lorenzen said. “But that night, I went on Facebook Live and Twitter Live and was going insane. I was running all over my apartment.

“I couldn’t believe it because that doesn’t happen to us and for once it felt like we didn’t have to gimmick a team. We didn’t have to beat them on a reverse, or a throwback of some type. We lined up with them and we were better. It then happened again with Mississippi State, we were just the better team.

“It’s been crazy for us and it’s been an insane ride and I really hope it doesn’t end for another four more weeks or so.”

There were many people saying the winner of Florida vs. Georgia game was going to win the SEC East, dismissing Kentucky. Lorenzen was asked if that was taken notice of in Lexington.

“Of course, I mean, we don’t get the national publicity that I think we deserve,” Lorenzen said. “But, that is fine because we are used to that. When we went into Missouri we were an underdog and once again we are a big underdog this week at home and that’s fine.

“This team tends to like that, so, I’m all for it. So, keep putting us as the underdog, keep saying we can’t win, and maybe we can keep shocking some people.”

Georgia and Kentucky are set for a 3:30 kickoff this Saturday and the game will be televised nationally on CBS.

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