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Despite loss, there were some positives surrounding Jarrett Stidham

Auburn QB Jarrett Stidham vs LSU
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The story coming out of Auburn’s disappointing loss to LSU on Saturday was the Tigers’ terrible offensive performance. Though many fans are quick to look at the negatives of the team’s performances, Jarrett Stidham impressed at times.

I want to take a look at the good, bad and exceptional from Stidham on Saturday against LSU.

The positive


Stidham shows patience in the pocket and throws a perfect ball to Will Hastings. Though the route is not seen on this angle, Hastings found and created space on a double move. Hastings scored on the same route against Mississippi State earlier this season.


Stidham was patient once again and knew where he was going with the football. He also nails the ball placement on the route.


This is an NFL throw by Stidham. Though the pass is not caught, the pass itself is everything NFL teams will want from him in the future. Stidham puts the ball outside where only his receiver can catch the pass.


Another solid throw by Stidham. He leads Ryan Davis a bit and forces him to make a remarkable catch. He continues to show patience and solid delivery.

The bad


This may be one of the worst throws by Stidham while at Auburn. He throws off his back foot and does not put enough touch and strength on the pass. It probably should have been an interception.


Stidham stares down his target and sees that he’s covered. He decided to attempt the pass anyway.

The exceptional


Though this is an incomplete pass, the pass itself is elite. Stidham stays true to the throw while taking a huge hit from an LSU defender. The ball is still placed where his receiver should have caught it.

Stidham continues to impress me. His stat line was unimpressive but his performance was one that the NFL likes to see.

He will lead the Tigers against a bad Arkansas defense this weekend.

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