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Jeremy Johnson ‘miserable’ at times while quarterback at Auburn

Jeremy Johnson
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Being an SEC quarterback when things aren’t going well gets tough. For the latest example, just ask former Auburn quarterback Jeremy Johnson.

Johnson said he used to “get miserable” during his rocky year at the helm of the Tigers’ offense, part of an interview with Montgomery TV station WSFA.

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Projected as the successor to Nick Marshall, Johnson struggled after getting the starting job in 2015 and eventually lost the position to Sean White. Those days of handling the pressure, Johnson said, took their toll.

“There were days I was just in my room just thinking to myself like what am I gonna do now?” Johnson said. “I used to get miserable. I actually used to want to leave. I used to call and talk to my teachers and I used to tell them I want to go.

“I was too busy trying to be somebody else everybody else wanted me to be instead of being myself, and I wish I could redo that over and also really just play football.”

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Although quarterbacks in similar situations often have transferred, Johnson remained at Auburn to the finish.

Johnson completed his Auburn career in the Sugar Bowl, where he replaced an injured White. For his Tigers career, he completed 179 of 282 passes for 20 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

Johnson also said that he’s hoping for a shot at an NFL career. He was not invited to the combine and isn’t among the quarterbacks rated as draft prospects by major analysts, though he did work out at Auburn’s Pro Day in March.

He described his NFL quest as one more opportunity – in his words, “mildew or barbecue.”

“All it takes is one eye to catch,” he said.

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