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Even as a player, Kirby Smart did not pass up a coaching opportunity

Kirby Smart as a player

ATLANTA — It turns out Georgia’s Kirby Smart was coaching even when he was playing.

Former Mississippi State quarterback Matt Wyatt said that during Georgia’s 38-19 win over Mississippi State in 1996, Smart tried to coach him up. Wyatt, a co-host of “Head-To-Head Radio” and the analyst for the Mississippi State football radio broadcasts, shared his story on the “Chuck Oliver Show” on Tuesday.

“I was sacked by none other than Kirby Smart,” said Wyatt, who said the then-Georgia safety also passed along a tip.

“He actually said to me after the play something along the lines of, ‘You should have thrown hot,’ ” Wyatt said. “We both laughed right there on the field because I said, ‘You’re a safety! You don’t know what that means.’ “

It is worth noting that Smart’s first official coaching job came in 2000, when he became secondary coach at Division II Valdosta State.

Smart was known as a hands-on coach during his career as an assistant, so is anyone really surprised that he was doing some coaching while he was on the field as a player?

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