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Lane Kiffin has fun at Nick Saban’s expense over boating mishap

Lane Kiffin has never been one to shy away from a debate. The Florida Atlantic coach has also been known to drop a verbal jab or two at some of his coaching colleagues. He did both during a recent appearance on WGOW radio in Chattanooga, TN with Dave Hooker and Scott McMahen. .

Here is what the always entertaining coach had to say:

You had a recent recruiting camp. Were you hoping your former boss, Alabama coach Nick Saban, could make it? I don’t know if you saw it on Twitter, but he was having some boat problems.

“I think he was supposed to be here for it, but he was stuck on the lake on the boat so he ended up not making the camp.”

(In truth, Saban had his own kicking camp to attend.)

What boating tips would you offer Nick Saban?

“I don’t know. I just felt bad that (former Tennessee coach) Butch (Jones) got fired for running it out of gas.

(Kiffin was joking about Jones, who is now an analyst at Alabama.)

Who has more fun out on the lake, you or Nick Saban?

“I don’t know that. I’ve never been on the lake with Coach Saban. I would guess me. But I don’t know that for a fact…I didn’t get a lot of invites on the boat for the weekend.”

Satellite camps used to be hotly debated. Now, they’re just part of recruiting. You recently held a prospect camp on your campus and invited other schools. What is the state of satellite camps now?

“I think there was way too big of a deal made at first about it. It’s just another evaluation tool. It’s really a good thing because kids get to see the coaches more. We had coaches from Alabama. We had Kirby Smart from Georgia.”

Georgia coach Kirby Smart and Alabama coaches among others attended your camp. Do you have any problem having other coaches on your campus?

“I don’t because I want to help the kids. These kids, obviously you can’t take them all. So when you allow these other schools to come, they find kids they wouldn’t have known otherwise. That kid may have gotten a full scholarship to a college whereas had we not let that school in they may not. It’s a great opportunity to help these kids out.”

How much do you think the presence of other schools helped your camp’s attendance?

“I think that’s increased the numbers. We have the schools that you would say are smaller than us and schools that you would say are bigger than us…Probably half the kids that come realize they are probably not going to play college football. They just want to get better for high school. Then the other half are going to go play college football so they want to be seen by different schools.”

What do you think about prospects taking official visits in the spring and summer?

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