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Lane Kiffin has fun at Nick Saban’s expense over boating mishap

“Not as many kids took visits as people thought. That is different but it’s also good because at least they are getting a chance to see them. Had they not had that official visit that coach may have not seen that kid until his official visit in December. From that standpoint it’s beneficial.

“From a head coach perspective, he wouldn’t have gone in that home yet…Had he not been able to visit that kid and get to know him he’s forced with ‘Do I take this kid and I never even got a chance to get to know him?’ because a head coach can’t go on the road at that time. So at least now, he’s got a chance to fly him up there and pay for it because it’s an official visit and get to know him before he’s committed.”

How different is your program viewed now since you’ve had such success?

“We’ve seen that. Whether it was kids coming to the camp or coaches coming down here and wanting to see a top 25 school (and saying) ‘Hey how did you guys do this? Can we watch film with you? Can we copy plays from you? The view of Florida Atlantic football has changed a lot and so has the university just from the attention.”

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