‘Last Chance U’ star Brittany Wagner accepts job at Michigan high school

Brittany Wagner

Brittany Wagner, a former academic advisor at East Mississippi Community College and a star of the Netflix documentary series “Last Chance U,” was hired by Madison Heights Madison High School in Madison, Michigan as a special academic consultant last weekend, according to the Detroit News.

“Quite frankly, if (Alabama football coach) Nick Saban wants to get someone eligible, he calls Brittany,” Madison District Public Schools Superintendent Randy Speck told the paper. “Butch Jones from Tennessee wants to get someone eligible, they call Brittany because they know if they send those kids to that junior college when she was there, she was going to put a plan in place. And if those kids were willing to do the work, they were going to get themselves eligible.

“She has a lot of connections that will really benefit all of our students but it will benefit the student-athlete, no question about that.”

Wagner spent eight years at EMCC and oversaw 200 student-athletes, including numerous FBS prospects who went on to meet NCAA qualification requirements and found success at major programs, with former Ole Miss starting quarterback Chad Kelly among them.

Wagner recently left EMCC to start her own company called 10 Thousand Pencils which offers academic counseling services to schools and at-risk student-athletes nationally.

Multiple reports have indicated that “Last Chance U” will chronicle Independence (Kan.) Community College for its third season, with filming projected to begin this month.

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