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Legendary Alabama players chat up Nick Saban when returning for graduation

Former Alabama players Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Amari Cooper, and Derrick Henry stopped by just in time for graduation and conversation on, among other subjects, finances and coming back to school to graduate.

Nick Saban opens this episode of “Bama Cuts” by congratulating the players on keeping their promises of returning to school and earning their degrees after leaving early for the NFL. While the scene is touching and shows another layer of the Saban onion peeled back, the message will definitely hit home with parents of recruits – Nick Saban drives home the message of how important school is.

As the guys are talking about graduating and making sure other players are keeping up with the standard both on and off the field, Clinton-Dix offers a wonderful idea on how Saban can assure players guys back to graduate:

Clinton-Dix: “Coach, you own a couple of Mercedes dealerships don’t you?”

Saban: “Yeah.”

Clinton-Dix: “I think you should open some up with some of the former players that come back and graduate and give us five percent of the company.”

Saban: “Five percent of the company? (Saban says laughing); I can give you five percent off on a car.”

Saban loves his players, but let’s be real, you’re not touching his nest egg.

As funny as this moment was, it did transition into a nice conversation about how young players should handle their money when they enter the NFL. Henry talked about surrounding himself with the right people so that he can make the right decisions with his finances.

Saban provided another great life quote for everyone to learn from:

“But there’s one lesson my dad used to always say,” Saban said. “And you guys have probably heard me say this before, those who spend before they save will always work for those who save before they spend.”

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The conversation turned the new facilities that the players have helped create like a new weight room, cafeteria, and the “trophy room,” which Saban explains with all of the national championship trophies and lights with championship rings inside them. Real championship rings, not undefeated rings like UCF bought for themselves.

Like Saban mentions, the reinvestment of funds back into the university and back into the football facility is incredible. Don’t be fooled, these amenities catch the attention of recruits and parents alike. These facilities exceed what these players will find in the NFL facilities and they can make parents feel at ease knowing their child is taken care of.

Speaking of recruits and recruiting, Cooper asked Saban if recruiting is harder or easier now. Saban says it’s harder now with the early signing period and the recruiting calendar having been moved up.

“It really makes you make decisions on a players a lot sooner and football is such a developmental game,” Saban said. “And one of the things I don’t like about that is if you’re a guy develops you’re senior year, you have a great senior year, it’s too late. I mean, that’s not really fair. And we have an early signing day now, December 20th (Smart for Saban to throw that date out there just to keep recruits and their parents aware of a date that’s not that far away). It makes it a little different, but you all have to adapt and adjust.”

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