Loss to Clemson proves Florida State’s culture worse than anyone imagined

Clemson scores against Florida State

The problem with the current state of FSU football is a bunch of folks who’ve never been in a locker room trying to explain a culture they have zero concept of to fans.

Media members can study football. They can have technical knowledge, speak the verbiage, and even have some idea of what it takes to be an elite athlete. They can even go as far as evaluating players, but few can actually comprehend what truly makes or breaks a culture.

Analysts share these thoughts with impressionable fans who want to believe, be angry, or just be in the know. However, if they don’t truly understand culture, they can’t really relay what’s going on

The culture that Willie Taggart inherited was beyond toxic. Toxic cultures can exist in any workplace. Shit isn’t cleaned up by just replacing the CEO.
Nobody wanted to believe it had gotten to the point where it truly affected the players, but it has been like this all season. After the Clemson game was the realest I’ve seen Taggart be.

“First time since I’ve been here that I felt like we had some guys that quit on our football team and that can’t be tolerated,” Taggart said. “One thing you can’t do, you can’t quit. You quit, you don’t play. So, we’ve got to do a great job of making sure we’ve got the right guys and at every aspect of the game, offense, defense, special teams.”

You just can’t fathom that someone would have the ability to quit in them. Not a Florida State football player.

You don’t want to think your teammates packed it in. It’s a crazy notion.

You came in with these guys and you all had a dream of championships, hearing your name called on the last weekend in April your junior or senior year by the NFL Commissioner at the Draft. You took official visits together. You sweat together during off-season conditioning. You’ve grown up together.

To feel or accuse a teammate of quitting is a betrayal. You can’t believe someone would do that.

The idea shouldn’t be that crazy as we all saw their coach quit on them last season. The new standard will be holding Taggart to what he said he’d do in his last press conference after admitting seeing players quit.

Quitting is absolutely unacceptable to the brand. That stings more than the worst home loss in FSU history. Players laid down and didn’t fight.

One of the key phrases I remember from Taggart’s introductory press conference after being hired was him talking about “Bad Asses and War Daddies.”

We have a saying called BAM: Bad Ass Mutha*****.

I grew up believing all former Noles before me were that. I watched the FSU games growing up. All I saw was violence on the field. It was beautiful to me. Violent collisions, speed, and bravado. I knew that’s what I wanted to be.

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