LSU’s ‘official beer’ partnership could be outlawed by state; LSU president ticked

bayou bengal lager for LSU

If the Louisiana state legislature votes yes on a proposed bill, “Bayou Bengal Lager” would be no more. The bill would end all brewery partnerships with universities in the state.

LSU has a deal with Tin Roof Brewing and Louisiana-Lafayette has a deal with Bayou Teche Brewing for “Ragin’ Cajuns Genuine Louisiana Ale.” The bill would end those partnerships after the current contract expires.

State Rep. Cedric Glover, D-Shreveport, told The Advocate newspaper of Baton Rouge that “health reasons, moral reasons and religious reasons” are behind the bill.

Glover, a former mayor of Shreveport, told the Advocate that schools having an “official” alcoholic beverage sends the wrong message. But LSU president F. King Alexander isn’t buying the reasoning.

“It’s nonsense,” Alexander told The Advocate. “Glover likes to throw stones. He’s never been a fan of LSU.”

As part of the contract, 15 percent of Tin Roof’s sales for “Bayou Bengal Lager” go back to LSU. Alexander maintains that this income is necessary for the school.

“We license lots of products; we’ll help you do that,” Alexander said. “Here, we have a local business, run by LSU alumni who we helped get started in our business incubator and who gives us 15 percent on one of the ales they sell. I don’t find a problem with that at all.”

“Bayou Bengal Lager” is currently Tin Roof’s second-highest seller.

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