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SEC Network’s Marcus Spears: Ed Orgeron’s background, roots give him a chance to succeed at LSU

Ed Orgeron 2017 SEC Media Days
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HOOVER, Ala. – Ed Orgeron has said he won’t be ripping his shirt off anymore at LSU, as he famously did when he was coach at Ole Miss. Those storied tales of unbridled enthusiasm are legendary, but in the past.

That doesn’t mean Orgeron needs to be cool, calm and collected all the time, SEC Nation co-host Marcus Spears said at SEC Media Days.

“I think there’s a balance,” said Spears, who played on the defensive line for Nick Saban at LSU before spending nine seasons in the NFL. “These coaches have to be chameleons. They have to deal with a lot of stuff every day. They have to operate in all of those different types of arenas. They have to learn, especially when it’s your first time or you haven’t been in that role in a while.”

Orgeron assured the assembled reporters at SEC Media Days that he learned from his time at Ole Miss, where he was coach from 2005-07. Since then, he’s believed he’s learned what it takes to do it.

“The day I left Ole Miss, I looked at myself, and I called my mentor and said, ‘Hey, there’s some things I have to change. I’m going to be a head coach again,’ ” Orgeron said. “There’s some things I got to change. I need to find out why I was not successful. We dug in. I went to see different coaches. We dug in and watched different people. I went and talked to some mentors of mine.

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“Here’s two things I came up with: Number one, I was going to treat the team exactly how I treat my sons, no different. And I was going to treat every coach on the coaching staff with respect and let him coach his position as he knew it.”

Winning will be the most important thing to keep Orgeron recruiting well for the long run. Spears said he considered Miami and even visited its campus because of the success the Hurricanes were having when he came out of Baton Rouge (La.) Southern Lab. But he said he quickly realized that Miami players were mostly from south Florida. Spears thought that could be replicated at LSU. Orgeron, who is from Larose, La., should be able to do the same.

“First of all, his Louisiana roots mean everything to him. That’s number one,” Spears said when asked what makes Oregon a respected recruiter nationally.

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Then, there’s Orgeron’s background.

“He played the game,” Spears said of Orgeron, who played at Northwestern State (La.). “… There’s always a little different feeling when that coach has been in the trenches and they understand what that’s like. I think that’s what makes him great, a lot of energy.

“There’s a lot of excitement about what he’s doing and usually you gravitate towards people that love what they do.”

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