Michigan – rightly – playing ‘long game’ with Jim Harbaugh’s success

Jim Harbaugh

Whining and complaining from fans, and cheap shots from critics, are fascinating to watch, but mean absolutely nothing to the people who matter at Michigan. No, Jim Harbaugh hasn’t worn out his welcome, he’s enhanced it, and no, he isn’t on the ‘hot seat.’ His seat is ice cold.

Harbaugh is “Michigan” and will remain “Michigan” for a long time, at least until he doesn’t want to be “Michigan” any longer. He’s got the keys to the Ferrari and dad’s credit card because he’s earned it.
Some Michigan fans have short memories, when a long memory is warranted.

Michigan knows it has its man and is going to give him every opportunity to win and win big. This isn’t politics where some schools and fan bases live and die with every smear dispatched by an opponent. This is an athletic department intent on playing the long game, rebuilding a program the right way without undue influence from outside sources.

This mentality should make Michigan fans happy; you have an accomplished coach who has full support of his bosses, not like past administrations who would give you whiplash with their day-to-day machinations. You only have to look to Crisler Center for a sterling example of a coach who should have been fired five years ago based on fan anger and opponents’ wishful thinking; instead, he was supported and the patience bore fruit – a lot of fruit.

This brings me to my point. Even if Jim Harbaugh doesn’t make the College Football Playoff this season, he isn’t on the ‘hot seat’ and the season can be successful. Obviously, a major disaster could bring a little lighter fluid to Harbaugh’s rump, however, that scenario seems far-fetched given the team’s defense and the ability of transfer quarterback Shea Patterson to lead the offense.

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