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Missouri football making claim as ‘Kansas City’s College Team’

Missouri Kansas City's College Team billboard

Missouri football is doing its best to stake the claim as “Kansas City’s College Team.” The program apparently has a billboard in the city making the claim.

A photo of the billboard was shared to Twitter on Thursday.

It’s definitely smart for the program to claim the state’s biggest city to improve attendance, but it’s hardly an original tactic.

Northwestern, which is actually located in the city, put up billboards throughout Chicago in 2013 claiming to be “Chicago’s Big Ten Team.”



Syracuse, which is located approximately four-plus hours from New York City, has long made the claim of being “New York’s College Team.” The Orange featured the sign throughout the city, including in the left field upper deck seats at Yankee Stadium.

Columbia, Missouri, the location of the University of Missouri, is roughly two hours, or 125 miles away, from Kansas City. And if it’s claiming Kansas City, the school could just as easily do the same with St. Louis, which is located the exact same distance away going in the opposite direction.

UPDATE: Along with Kansas City, Missouri has billboards for Columbia, St. Louis and Springfield, which is the state capital.

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