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My favorite Florida State football traditions

Florida State

A beautiful thing about college football is the memories it brings to those who follow it closely. This seems to particularly be the case in the South. There is a connection to your favorite football team that is strengthened by the traditions that have been created.

Some are on the field, some of my favorites have been discontinued, and some are off the field. Every FSU fan should take note of them. Understanding these traditions helps fans learn about the program and they are just cool in general

Here are my favorite FSU traditions.

Sod Cemetery

The story goes that Dean Coyle Moore asked for some of that good grass from between the hedges before FSU left to go play Georgia in 1962. FSU went on to defeat UGA 18-0 and brought back the request of Moore at the next practice. The team buried it and the tradition was formed.

For every away game FSU plays as the underdog, all UF away games, ACC Championship and bowl games FSU captains will take a chunk of the turf – grass or artificial – if the Noles win.

As you walk by the practice fields you see a gated-off piece of land that has all the sod game victories. Sodtalks are really cool presentations that happen before most home games. Typically, it’s a former Doak Boy giving it.

Spirit Spear

Fans love to make noise. More importantly, you need a guide to help you know that you’ve reached an appropriate level of noise. In 1984, FSU used it to let fans know when they were loud enough.
FSU brought it back for the Spring Game and I hope it continues.

I’m sure many old fans will get nostalgic and it is something young fans can get into. That and the bobble head race, we used to place beats on the sideline about which one would win.

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The Whoop

Nothing was more bad ass and war daddy-esq than when FSU would meet at the 50 yard line and jump up and down with helmets raised high in the air on the Seminole head, or an opponent’s, logo. It was our way of letting opponents know, “Yeah, we are here and it’s nothing you can do about it!”

It was a mental tactic that Saint Bobby allowed and seemingly got lost as the years went by. Many fights happened by snowflake-psyched opponents. FSU did this before games and after victories. It was altered after the 2003 post game fight at UF, one I may or may not have participated in, but it was a tradition that just fit.

I hope Willie Taggart brings this one back. Respectfully of course.

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