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My favorite Florida State football traditions

Florida State

The Walk Off to “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

Before going into individual warm ups during pre-game action, FSU would line up on the 50-yard-line with backs turned to the opposition, arm straight up in the air, iconic helmet raised to the heavens and begin a slow, deliberate stride to the theme of the old western film. This was when the stadium was actually sort of packed before the game.

The stadium would go wild and then Coach B would blow the whistle after about a 20 yard walk – then it was on. The marching chiefs did a very good job adding to the mystique.

The Warchant, Seminole Uprising and “In The Air Tonight”

These three songs will forever be embedded in my brain as music to get ready to battle to. I’m sure many FSU fans feel the same way.

When you’re done with your playing days and you meet guys who have played against you or FSU and ask them the most annoying thing about FSU, they’ll all probably tell you, “I hate that damn Warchant! They play it all the time.”

It’s never a bad time to play the Warchant. It’s an amazing hype song. I especially like the Marching Chief who does the cadence with the whistle. He and the drumline solo makes you want to hit something.
“Seminole Uprising” is like a remix to the Warchant. It’s a slow progression into the Warchant.

“In The Air Tonight” is a song FSU kind of adopted. I have zero clue why, or what Phil Collins was actually singing about, but apparently he was waiting for that showdown his entire life.

That song was played on repeat in the locker room and just seemed perfect to help you focus on the task at hand. In short, you wanted to attack the field with “reckless abandon and total disregard for personal safety,” a Bowden quote that I have probably heard about one thousand times during my time as a fullback.

Many traditions have come and gone and these are the ones that stand out to me as a former player and fan. They all make a mix of pride and energy rise up in me. Damn, I can’t wait until football season to see FSU #DoSomething.

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(James Coleman played fullback at Florida State from 2002-2005; you can follow him on Twitter @biggamejames36)

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