Does Myles Garrett need ‘a little more dog’ to become NFL star?

Myles Garrett
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Myles Garrett’s athletic talent isn’t a secret. But does he need more of a mean streak to reach the highest heights in the NFL?

At least one AFC executive feels the former Texas A&M defensive end needs “a little more dog” to live up to his potential in the NFL, part of a scouting report from NFL.com draft analyst Bucky Brooks.

The unnamed scouting director felt Garrett could use more of a nasty, aggressive mentality, but still believes he has enough “passion and relentlessness” for long-term NFL success.

Several other analysts echoed similar sentiments. While recognizing that Garrett has “off-the-charts” talent to become a “face-of-the-franchise, cornerstone guy,” several felt that he needs to play with more intensity or could need “a little time to put it all together.”

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“Are we sure that he wants to be one of the greats?” a former defensive coordinator wondered.

Aside from those potential issues, though, no one is questioning Garrett’s athletic gifts. Virtually all analysts expect the Cleveland Browns to select Garrett with the first overall pick in April’s draft.

Based on combine numbers, Brooks feels Garrett compares favorably with past No. 1 defensive end selections Jadeveon Clowney, picked first by the Houston Texans from South Carolina in 2014, or Mario Williams, picked first by the Texans from North Carolina State in 2006.

Brooks says the best parallel for Garrett’s skill set is a very big name: Julius Peppers, the nine-time Pro Bowler who has made more than 140 sacks in his NFL career.

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Considering that Peppers has played 15 solid years in the league and will likely be a serious Hall of Fame candidate – and is still going with the Carolina Panthers at age 37 – it’s safe to say that if Garrett even comes close to that career, Browns fans will be very happy.

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