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Naming Steve Spurrier interim coach could rescue season for Gators (and Seminoles)

Steve Spurrier

Ok, at this point in the race it won’t happen. Frankly, I would love it to happen.

In this crazy state of college football this fall, with both the Gators and Seminoles in an absolute free fall, we need someone – anyone – to shake things up the last month of this irregular football season.

I have the man for the job.

Hear me out.

Those non-risk takers out there may say it’s preposterous or downright ridiculous. I beg to differ.

Let me show you how a small dose of Spurrier will motivate BOTH Florida and Florida State and serve as the potential highlight for their sad seasons.

I’ll begin with the Gators.

With four games left, the Head Ball Coach makes sense on so many levels.

He already has an office in the building where you know he would love to get his hands on some ball plays and kick it old school, rotating quarterbacks just for ole time’s sake.

Feleipe Franks and Malik Zaire could be the next Noah Brindise and Doug Johnson.

You could have quarterback carousels, trick plays and, count on it, much better press conferences.

A lame duck Steve Spurrier in front of the microphone for four more games? I’m all in.

The magic would be temporarily back. I just wish the Gators made this move before the Georgia game; sure, the Dawgs would have likely still won big, but the HBC would have deflected the losing and still been the life of the World’s Largest Cocktail Party.

We lost a Spurrier photo op for Georgia week, but there is still time to make amends.

Do I need to remind you that South Carolina remains on the schedule?

Can you imagine how much fun it would be seeing Spurrier return to Columbia with absolutely nothing to lose against another former Gator-turned-Gamecock, Will Muschamp?

College Football Nirvana.

This matchup may force ESPN’s “College GameDay” to make a last minute audible. Who cares that the teams are unranked, this would be great college football theater, not to mention the pregame press conferences…

Muschamp, “I’d like to thank Coach Spurrier for making both of my shoes– big ones to fill”

Spurrier, “Don’t worry Willie, if this doesn’t work out with the Cocks, the Duke job will always be waiting for you”

You mean to tell me having Randy Shannon carrying the “interim” tag gets you excited about anything in the month of November? Give me one hand in the room who would rather have him over the HBC for the stretch run?

I don’t see any.

We’re not asking for four more years, just give me four more games.

The Spurrier hire wouldn’t just benefit the Gators, he’s there to motivate the Seminoles, too.

FSU will likely limp into the Swamp without a bowl berth for the first time since 1981, but how about this for motivation – they have a chance to beat Steve Spurrier one last time?

Of course they could also lose to Spurrier one last time, but I digress.

Can you imagine the hype leading up to that game? For maybe one last time, Spurrier will give us “Free Shoes University” or issue a “no late hits warning.”

The best part is, he will do something none of us expect which is what always made covering him so much fun.

Four more games! Four more games!

With no bowl bids, no conference championships, and very likely no winning records to boast about around Turkey Day, I’m begging the Gators power-brokers to call the ultimate Hail Mary saving this despicable Sunshine State college football season.

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