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Newberry College coach suggests South Carolina may not be second-best team in state

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Could it be possible that South Carolina doesn’t have the second-best football team in the state? Newberry College coach Todd Knight seems to think there’s a chance.

Knight told WOLO-TV this week that The Citadel might hold that distinction in South Carolina.

“Well, I think when you open up with a team like The Citadel, arguably they might be the second-best team in the state of South Carolina,” Knight said. “They’re a really, really good team.”

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While neither South Carolina nor Clemson were explicitly mentioned, it can be assumed that Knight ranks Clemson as the top team in the state as it won the national championship last season.

Meanwhile, while it did exceed expectations in its first season with Will Muschamp as coach, South Carolina went just 6-7.

The Citadel, an FCS school, has gone 9-4 and 10-2 over the past two seasons, which includes a 23-22 upset win at South Carolina in 2015.

Newberry College, a Division II school located 45 miles away from the University of South Carolina campus, opens its 2017 season at The Citadel. Last season, the Wolves went 10-2.

Knight, now in his ninth season as Newberry coach, said he likes “starting off with it that way,” with The Citadel as the opening opponent.

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